Sir George Edwards OM

Who was GRE?

Sir George Edwards (GRE) was the dominant figure between 1945-1975 in British civil, military and supersonic aviation. His name is synonymous with some of the greatest pioneering advances that include the Bouncing Bomb, Valiant, Viscount and VC-10. His skilled leadership of the British Concorde team throughout its formative period to customer delivery cemented his reputation as one of the greatest business minds of his generation.

Vickers Armstrong drawing office

From Humble Beginnings

Born in 1908 above his father’s toy shop in London, George soon proved to be a ‘bright mathematician’ at school and developed a true passion for engineering and aircraft. Starting as a design draughtsman he went on to lead Vickers Armstrong at Weybridge and later chair the British Aircraft Corporation (BAC).

GRE with HM The Queen

Achievements & Honours

Very few people rise from the bottom to the very top, build up achievements along their path, and create a legacy that would echo for generations and change the face of aviation. During his career GRE received almost every honour the aviation world could bestow, in Britian and America. In recognition of his outstanding contribution he was knighted in 1957 and in 1971 was appointed to the exclusive Order of Merit (OM), an honour limited to only 24 living recipients and a personal gift of the Queen.


"I‘ve many fond childhood memories of my grandfather, journeys in his precious Bentley, admiring his beautiful paintings and the importance of holding a cricket bat correctly. I wanted to create something very special and unique that represents his strong values and has traces of his 'DNA'".  
Our British made engineered art pieces represent the engineer, artist and perfectionist that he was. All inspired by GRE, his achievements, his passions and some moments in his life we have created a highly desirable collection that I hope he too would be proud of. 

Clair in the assembly workshop, Surrey

Photography courtesy of BAE Systems, Fox photos, Airbus UK, Surrey County Cricket Club.

Clair Jeffreys